Vodoley LLC has been developing since 2002 and today we are the largest supplier of sanitary engineering goods to DIY chains. 

     In addition to offices and warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, our company has launched its own production in several regions of Russia.

     Vodoley group is one of the largest suppliers of sanitary engineering goods to DIY hypermarkets throughout Russia.

     We cooperate with major DIY chains included in «DIY Retail Russia TOP» rating as well as with smaller local chain stores.

     Our company offers a wide range of goods in such areas as plumbing, engineering systems, water engineering, heating, garden, water purification systems, electrical engineering, and mounting systems.

     Individual approach to each customer allows us to develop the most detailed and comprehensive grid of the delivered goods, taking into account all network requirements, its aspects, operating details, merchandise, in-store display, and individual packaging.

     Vodoley LLC is the official representative of many Russian, European and Chinese manufacturers, such as «METER», «Norma», «Ostendorf», «Politek», «Monolit», «Jimten», «Akvant», «Akvater», «Aniplast », «Sobime», «VMPAuto»,  «Unipack», including «Enkoer», «Wester», «Tuboflex», «FtorIzolit», «Mateu», «Enbra» and others.  Owing to this, we are always glad to consider your suggestions on product grid expansion, exclusive product offers, and different promotional campaigns.  

     Our company has proved itself as a stable partner, a reliable supplier, and a manufacturer of high quality goods.